Is MakeInIndia.com powered by WordPress? Yes, No & Why?

A few days back, Hon'ble PM of India announced the new global initiative - Make in India. I won't be getting in to what MII is about or how it works, benefits, drawbacks etc. I am not an economist. I am a web developer so my area of interest and expertise fall under the web development part rather than the economic developments. Make in India has an impressive website but it lacks at some places. That's what I am going to describe below. Just out of curiosity, I looked up the source code … [Read more...]


The changing business model for WordPress plugins

Gone are the days, when buying a lifetime license for a plugin was all set and done job. Recently (or I should say, in last few years) the business model for WordPress plugins has changed. Only today I came across this post about Better Optin Plugin - it's now available for free on WordPress.org The old business model When saying, "Old" I don't mean to turn down anyone's business approach. It's just about the trend. The most common practice is/was to offer a single/personal and developer … [Read more...]


Codeable.io : A treat for WordPress developers and users

Disclaimer: I started writing this article in June but never completed it. I have updated it with the latest stats. Just a few days back while I was going through my Twitter stream and I came to know about Codeable. It looked promising, I tweeted to Codeable asking how I can join the team. What's Codeable all about? Codeable is a marketplace for getting your WordPress tasks done. Founded by Per Esbensen and Tomaž Zaman. Codeable is different from other freelance websites and here's … [Read more...]


Do you use a Free Plugin/Theme? Developers need a favor.

While going through my favorite WordPress group on Facebook, I came across this post by Roy Sivan. So, that's a valid question, a valid request that every developer would make. WordPress is free (as in freedom) and the community puts in a lot of efforts in sharing useful content. This content could be in any form ranging from quick tips to powerful plugins. Free Themes & Plugins on WP.org The official theme and plugin repo has thousands of free themes and plugins. Every user, … [Read more...]


The Flipkart Pricing Fraud!

Recently, I ordered HTC battery BL01100 35H00193-00M from Flipkart.com and received it in about a week. On receiving the product I was completely disappointed to see it in a lose packaging. It was sent in an envelope, wrapped with a bubble polythene and an invoice from the seller. There was no way to make sure if it was genuine HTC accessory. No details about the guarantee/warranty. It came with a 10-days replacement guarantee as listed on Flipkart.com. Nothing else. Here's a screenshot of my … [Read more...]


A quick, sure shot method to stop WordPress comment spam

I have been facing massive comment spam on a friend's personal blog. Even after trying several Captcha plugins, nothing seemed to work perfectly. A few days back I came across this post on David Walsh's blog which described a sure shot method to stop spam comments. From 8,000 to 0 spam with some  JavaScript and PHP code. This was intriguing and I thought of giving it a try in my free time. But, before I could do that, Ben Marshall had already baked it into a nifty WordPress Plugin - Zero … [Read more...]


10 Reasons to use WordPress for your website

WordPress has evolved as a powerful Content Management System in last couple of years. The market share of WordPress has seen a huge growth over a short span of time. This makes it interesting to think about what makes WP so powerful? Why and how a WordPress website can be useful for individuals and businesses. 1. It's FREE as in Freedom WordPress is licensed under General Public License (GPL) and is an open source project. It means that you are free to use WordPress for your website, you also … [Read more...]


How to find help when you have a “low budget”?

I am a full time freelance WP theme developer and I have had several instances where I received e-mails like: I am a new blogger and yet to start earning. I would like you to quote lower as I/we am/are a startup. I don't have money, can you please help me? I want (xyz - tons of features) but. Low budget. Kindly quote and reply. If you have been a freelancer then I am sure you must have come across these and many more similar instances. I don't have any intentions to disrespect … [Read more...]


What is a WordPress theme?

During my training sessions I usually come across questions like,  how can I find good WP themes? How can I find free WP themes? Are free themes good? What do you recommend for premium themes? So, whenever  I talk about basics of WordPress, I make sure that I cover answer these questions beforehand. Recently, I was at WordCamp Mumbai for my session on WordPress Troubleshooting and I was talking about finding the right theme for your WP site/blog. While, I was recommending themes from … [Read more...]


Two days of fun at WordCamp Mumbai 2014

WordCamp Mumbai was organized by my fellow WP community members, Alexander Gounder, Saurabh Shukla, Aditya Kane and their team. A big thanks and kudos to them for all their efforts and hard work! It was a complete fun being a part of WordCamp Mumbai 2014. First day's sessions included understanding GPL by Karthik Magapu which was really helpful for a lot of attendees and it was completely fun filled talk. The day started with Ramya's session introduced us to the digital age and how … [Read more...]